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Birds for sale

It is little wonder that birds have become popular as pets, there is so much to commend them. There are many exotic and colourful varieties to choose from, their beautiful song and even in some cases their ability to be trained to talk, they can live outside in an aviary or make wonderful companions within the home environment. It is important to remember though that with the pleasure that these little feathered friends bring there are responsibilities on the part of the owner. Prior to purchasing your little beauty consider carefully the commitment that you will need to make as a responsible bird owner - research the birds feeding and housing requirements as well as their behaviour and the costs involved. At Petsonline we wish you the very best as you carefully choose from the wide range of birds that are currently being advertised on our website

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25/03/2016 extremely pure tame african grey parrot -I'm having to re home my lovely African grey parrot yoyo due to starting a new job and not being able to spend quality time with him .He has a good vocabulary and mimics alot of sound's (squeaking door, dripping taps, dogs barking etc) it is essential he goes to a permanent loving home with someone who can spend time with him as this is hard enough to have to let him go ...comes with cage, toys and food... Canberra 2630 (NSW) 192