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Boxer Dogs for sale

The Boxer is a boisterous, fun loving dog that displays puppy like behavior well into maturity. They are best suited to active families with older children. The Boxer adores company and can be excitable and overwhelming to the unsuspecting visitor. They respond well to firm yet positive handling. This breed has earned a reputation of being obstinate at times, but aside from this they have a wonderful loving nature that is protective and loyal to their family, making excellent companions.

The Boxer is a strong stocky medium sized dog weighing approx 26-32kg and has a height of 21-24 inches. Accepted colours by show standards are fawn and brindle with white markings in some cases. If a boxer’s coat is more than one-third white they are termed ‘white Boxers’, unfortunately they have a higher risk of skin cancer, deafness and they can also be blind. The ‘white Boxer’ does not conform to breed standards and should not be used for breeding purposes. The Boxer has a short coat that requires very little grooming and only sheds slightly.

Boxers require considerable daily exercise, although a puppy requires shorter walks while the bones are still developing to avoid the likelihood of hip dysplasia. This dog is suited to a home with a reasonable sized yard and high fences. They do not adapt well to extremes of temperature.

The Boxer is susceptible to a range of conditions including cardiac diseases which unfortunately is very common with this breed. It is considered that cancer is the cause of 38% of Boxer’s deaths. Hypothyroidism, Ulcerative Colitis and hip dysplasia are also a problem with the Boxer. Their life expectancy is around 10 years

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