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Cocker Spaniels for sale

Breed: Cocker Spaniels
Temperament: The Cocker Spaniel is an affectionate gentle dog. It thrives on companionship and is well suited to families with children or the elderly. They have an easy going nature and love life.
Life expectancy: 10-12 yrs approx
Exercise needed: 4/10
Size: 10-15kg approx.
More Information: The charm and affection of the Cocker Spaniels has made it a popular choice as a family pet. They have sad looking eyes and long ears with a gentle expression that evokes a response from the onlooker. Unfortunately they can inherit a plethora of eye conditions, skin complaints and kidney disorders. They were used to retrieve small game in the early days.

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14/03/2014 Cocker Spaniel pup -Hey, my name is Kim, I have a 16 week old cocker spaniel, colour black, gender male, very playful, kind attitude, moving house and unfortunately not aloud pets at this next place. His birthday is on t... Caulfield 127