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Questions & Answers


Dachshunds for sale

Originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers this determined short legged dog has retained much of its hunting instincts that were particularly valued in the early days.

The Dachshund has a reputation for being loyal and enjoying the company of its owners. They are not always accepting of strangers, especially children who they may feel threatened by and can become snappy towards. The Dachshund is a little dog that has lots of personality and will decide for itself rather than be told, training can present many challenges with their unwillingness to comply at times.

The Dachshund has a characteristically long body on short legs. There is the standard size weighing 7-13kgs, with a height of 10-11 and the much smaller Miniature Dachshund 3.5-4.5kgs and only reaching a height of 8�. There are 3 coat types smooth, long and wire haired. They have a wide range of acceptable colours by breeding standards.

Caring for this dog would need to include a daily walk, which will help to prevent obesity with the accompanying risk of spinal problems developing. The long haired variety would require more grooming than the short or wire haired. The other consideration is the need for a balanced and restricted dietary intake to avoid obesity that is so prevalent with this breed.

There is an increased likelihood of visual and hearing problems presenting when both parents are dapple responsible breeding programs would avoid this scenario.

The life expectancy is 12-14years.

The word Dachshund is German, meaning Badger Dog. Sausage Dog it their frequently used nickname.

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18/04/2017 Miniature Dachshund Puppy Male -We currently have one miniature dachshund puppy available to go to his forever home on the 27.4.17. He is a beautiful healthy pup that have been raised in our home so are very well socialised with peo... Hallidays Point 96