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German Shepherds for sale

It was in 1899 that Von Stephanitz was recognised as standardising this breeds desirable traits which considered their appearance, strength, intelligence and abilities. The German Shepherd was originally used in Germany as a working dog for herding sheep. Due to anti-German sentiment at the end of World War 1 it was decided to rename this breed Alsatian, so as not to harm its reputation. The name Alsatian remained until 1977, when it again adopted its original name, the German Shepherd Dog.

They are very trainable dogs, being quick to learn new commands and undertake new tasks, they have been ranked the third most intelligent of breeds, just behind Border Collies and Poodles. With their intelligence and trainability and their keen sense of smell they have become firm favourites as search and rescue dogs as well as being useful in narcotic and mine detection. They have a fearless commitment to duty and are well known for their loyalty. They are also used as guide dogs and continue to be good sheep dogs.

German Shepherds are large dogs weighing 22 to 44 kilograms. Their height is approx 25 inches. They are most commonly tan and black or red and black in colour, all black and sable are also acceptable colours.

Unfortunately German Shepherds have a number of common ailments due to inbreeding such as hip and elbow dysplasia which can lead for arthritis, and monorchidism. Spinal Stenosis is another common and troublesome condition. They are also prone to Von Willebrand Disease which affects the blood clotting time and can result in spontaneous bleeding.

They can be expected to live approx 10 years

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25/05/2015 Gorgeous PURE BRED German Shepherd Puppies! -5 adorable pure bred German Shepherd puppies, who are 4wks old, are looking for their new homes. 4 males and 1 female left. They are super friendly, cuddly, snuggly and playful. They interact with ou... Burpengary 51
10/05/2015 German shepherd -We have 4 beautiful German shepherd puppies for sale DOB 26-04-15
We have two gorgeous little girls and two bubbly little boys.
All puppies are vaccinated, microchipped, flea treated, wormed f...
Harden N/A 117
3/05/2015 German Pointer - Short Haired -German Short Haired Pointer pup. 8 weeks old. Friendly and great with kids. Parents both pure bred but no papers. $400 negotiable. Seller can assist with arranging delivery.... Queensland 116
23/04/2015 German Shepherd Pups -For Sale

German Shepherd Pup 8 weeks old & ready to go!
One Female left $1000

Big, Beautiful Girl
Last one left out of a litter of 9
Awaiting her new forever home
Auburn 242
10/04/2015 German shorthaired pointer puppies -We have 7 Beautiful pups that will be available to go to their forever homes from the 6th of May. All pups will be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and vet checked. Parents are purebred without papers... Kilcoy 255
24/03/2015 7mth old female german shepherd -7 month old female german shepherd for sale. Sable coloured. Microchipped, desexed and all vaccinations up to date.

Selling due to change in circumstance.

$500 firm....
katoomba N/A 202
9/03/2015 Black gold German Shepherd puppies for sale -German Shepherd puppies

-Update: 1 male , 1 female left

- 6 weeks old

- Wormed and in good health

- Pure breed

- Short furred

- Photos below
Fairfield 638