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Cats and Kittens for sale

With the pleasure of choosing a precious kitten/cat there are responsibilities and you need to consider the impact that this will have on your lifestyle for many years to come. Research into what is required of you as a responsible cat owner. What adjustments would you need to make in order to meet the needs of you new found feline friend? – will it be an indoor or outdoor cat? Is it advisable to have it neutered or spayed? What financial implications are there likely to be? What breed type and temperament would most suit your life style? A contented well loved cat will bring lots of pleasure and be an immensely rewarding experience. We at Petsonline hope that you find the cat /kitten of your dreams from the wide choice that are currently being advertised on our website.

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27/11/2016 kittens for sale -4 beautiful kittens for sale!
9 weeks old, playful and used to being held!
Litter trained and eating solids.
Grey kitten - male
Mostly black kitten - female
Black and white kitten - female
Black and white kitten with white tip on ear - male

Selling without microchip and vaccination for $100

Please text me if you're interested on 0402835145

Chelsea (VIC) 65
24/10/2016 Scottish Fold x British Blue kittens -We have gorgeous babies just starting to socialise, they are almost 3 weeks old, they will be ready to go to their new homes mid - end of November. Mother is short hair Scottish Fold x British Blue and father is Scottish Fold long hair. All babies look to be short hair at this present time, I cannot say for sure which have folded ears as they should start to show in approx 1 week time. Taking enquiries now for anyone interested as I know our last litter sold within days. Kittens will go home vet... Mill park (VIC) 167
27/09/2016 Pure Bengal Kittens -well suited to any home with people and show love , care .Love indoors and play with other cats socialize with people and will make your home happy all the time . ready and willing to play with kids, other cats, and friendly dogs.good on all shot and love to be cuddle ,this kitten wll make you pleas all the time.....$400... Peppimenarti 0822 (NT) 814
21/09/2016 Burmese kittens for sale -4 x Pure Burnese kittens For Sale
$750 each
8 weeks old. 1 x chocolate and
3 x cream.
I own mother and father and can
be viewed in the photo.
Microchipped and vaccinated /

They come toilet trained, eating
healthy solid dry food and raised in a
loving home with children.
FREE***** Starter pack incl litter & tray.
Food and food/water bowl. All you need
For the first two days. ...
Cooranbong (NSW) 161
17/09/2016 Balinese Cats -Balinese Cats are a softer version of the Siamese.
Fluffy, Affectionate, Intelligent, Beautiful, Blue eyed, Low Allergy, Indoor Family pets.
Litters available bi-monthly. Price on Application.
Sold with pedigree, 2 Vaccinations and Vet Checks, De-sexed and De-flead, Litter Trained and Microchipped.
Colours include: Lilac, Blue, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Seal Point. Also Tabby and Bi-colour Point.
Kittens can be reserved with $200 deposit.
Can be flown Interstate. Officer Vi...
Officer (VIC) 471
17/09/2016 2 x Sphynx nuted male cats for sale -
2 x Male 5 year old Sphynx cats in need of a new home. The cream point is Yowie and the Black is Brax.
They have been with me since kittenhood and have been great company.
They love sleeping in my bed and always curl up at night on the lounge next to me or on my knee. They are indoor cats and are
quite happy as long as they have a several windows to look out of and to catch the sun when it is a cool morning.
They have several cat trees which they love and spend a lot of ...
Tamborine Mountain (QLD) 150