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Cats and Kittens for sale

With the pleasure of choosing a precious kitten/cat there are responsibilities and you need to consider the impact that this will have on your lifestyle for many years to come. Research into what is required of you as a responsible cat owner. What adjustments would you need to make in order to meet the needs of you new found feline friend? – will it be an indoor or outdoor cat? Is it advisable to have it neutered or spayed? What financial implications are there likely to be? What breed type and temperament would most suit your life style? A contented well loved cat will bring lots of pleasure and be an immensely rewarding experience. We at Petsonline hope that you find the cat /kitten of your dreams from the wide choice that are currently being advertised on our website.

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27/05/2015 Burmese kittens -We have four kittens 1 Blue female, 1 lilac female and 1 chocolate male and 1 chocolate female available as pets will be sterilized unless wanting for breeding they have great eastern states breeding you can contact me anytime for full details ... Oakford (WA) N/A 158
18/05/2015 2cats for sale brother sister. -De-sexed, micro chipped, all vaca nation have been done. Cats have grown up with 6 kids and a small dog.... Para hills (SA) N/A 116
3/05/2015 9 weeks kitten , domestic short hair (microchipped) -A female kitten , all vaccinations are up to date + a scratcher + two food and water bowls + a litter tray hooded + shampoo + a box of soft food and two bags dry food + a cage + a brush + clay cat litter (new) from Coles (440 dollars) ... Kingsford (NSW) 134
28/04/2015 Blue Russian x Ragdoll kittens for Sale -FOR SALE:

5 Beautiful Kittens, Blue Russian x Ragdoll

1. Latte Short hair - Girl
2. Latte Long hair - Boy
3. Grey Short Hair - Girl
4. Grey Fluffy - Girl
5. Grey Fluffy - Boy

Vet checked and wormed incredibly gentle in nature, toilet trained, weaned and tolorable of children (4 year old)

Pick up North Booval this weekend preferred, first to see will buy. This is last little for mother (Russian blue x ragdoll)

Prefer contact via t...
28/04/2015 Free cats need gone asap sadly -Various up to date, mriochiped, good with people and other animals as long as introduced in a good manner, good with young children as long as not too rough, black/white-female, orange/white-female, grey Torseshel like-male.
Unfortunately need these beautiful cats gone asap...
Wendouree (VIC) 176
23/04/2015 Rescue Kittens - vacc'd/chipped/desexed -I have 4 gorgeous 6 week old kittens that were rescued from an unhappy home. They are now healthy, have the loudest purrs, are very affectionate & EXTREMELY playful!!! Two girls & two boys.

Ready in 3 wks for new homes.

The kittens are required by law to be vaccinated and microchipped before they go to their new home. I have negotiated a discounted price for this & am asking cost price of the vet fees only. The kittens will also be desexed, at a hugely discounted r...
College View (QLD) 184
20/04/2015 Burmese Cat for sale -Our Choc brown Burmese Cat is 2 and a half years old (DOB 15/10/12).
Her name is Ruby, she has been micro chipped & desexed.
She was originally purchased from a breader and has all the relevant papers.

Rowville (VIC) N/A 248
17/04/2015 Balinese Kittens -Beautiful Low Allergy Purebred Balinese Kittens available for reservation and ready for sale at three months of age.
Vaccinated, Desexed, Pedigreed, Microchipped.
Lilac, Blue, Chocolate, Seal and Tabby Points.
Officer Victoria Australia.
Narre Warren (VIC) 699