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Questions & Answers


Maltese puppies for sale

The Maltese is an affectionate endearing little dog with a good nature. This little beauty thrives on love and company, to the extent that it can become a problem, showing signs of anxiety when left alone. They are also quick to bark at any unexpected sound or stimulus. The Maltese is an active dog that responds well to encouragement and being intelligent it will learn quickly. Positive encouragement will establish appropriate behavior patterns. They do need to know right from the start that their owner is in charge. The playful puppy like behaviour will continue well into adult life.

The Maltese has an outstanding white coat with long hair that will grow to the ground. Daily grooming is essential. This dog sheds virtually no hair and so it is hypoallergenic making it a good choice of dog for allergy sufferers. The Maltese is a small breed height only 8-10 inches and weighing only 2.5-3.5kg. approx.

This little dog is resilient and generally healthy. Some minor conditions including teeth problems with accompanying halitosis. Sunburn can also affect this breed. Eye conditions with tear staining can also be a problem. Their life expectancy is around 15 years.

The Maltese is often cross bred with other dogs such as the Shih Tzus and Poodles, creating a puppy with desirable traits from each breed.

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23/04/2017 Maltese toy poodle puppies and 2 female young adults -Moodle puppies (maltese toy poodle) $1,500 white 1 black n white male vet checked vaccinated 2 female adult moodles - maltese toy poodles not desexed have had their 2nd litter of pups white almost 3yr... Adelaide N/A 47
20/04/2017 Patch is For Sale. 8 weeks old. Lhasa Apso x Maltese. -Patch is a cute and affectionate Male puppy who is looking for a loving home. He is partly house trained.

He has been Vaccinated, Micro-Chipped, Wormed and Vet Checked.

Asking $1000 ...
Gwelup 60
20/04/2017 Buster is for Sale. 8 weeks old. Lhasa Apso x Maltese. -Buster is a lively, affectionate bundle of white fur. He has been Vaccinated, Wormed, Micro-Chipped and Vet Checked.

He is looking for a loving home as he is a house dog and is partly house ...
Gwelup 43
14/04/2017 8 week boy Maltese/shitzu x mini foxie $950 -8 week old fur baby to go to a loving home. Vaccinated, microchipped, flead and wormed. Comes with a bed, toys, pee pads, food. Most beautiful little man. We paid $1450 a week ago however our 3 year o... Strathpine 80
14/02/2017 Maltese shih tzu puppies -I have 5x female puppies ready to go on the 23rd of feb. All puppies will be vaccinated, micro-chipped and wormed. They are very tiny, fluffy, playful fur balls. Very adorable! Taking deposits now.... Kenwick 468
3/02/2017 1 x Female Maltese x Shih Tzu Puppy For Sale -1 x female tri colour Maltese x Shih Tzu pup for sale. Born 25th January 2017, ready to go approx 14th March 2017. This adorable
hypoallergenic plush puppy is absolutely adorable and is a must s...
Byford 437