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Questions & Answers


Pomeranian puppies for sale

The Pomeranian is an elegant attractive little dog that makes a wonderful companion to an owner who has plenty of time to spend with it. The dog can become quite anxious if it is left alone for any length of time. Unexpected sounds or unfamiliar stimulus are prone to make the Pomeranian bark excessively which can become a nuisance to neighbours. Pomeranians are very alert, active and intelligent dogs that respond well to training.

These elegant dainty little dogs come in a wide range of colours. They have a thick double coat, which requires daily grooming. Pomeranians only weigh 2-3.5kg.

Unfortunately there are a number of medical conditions that can affect the Pomeranian. Unstable knee caps are a major problem, obesity can exacerbate this condition. ‘Black Skin Disease’ is diagnosed when there is loss of hair and darkening of the skin. There may be other reasons for hair loss such as a malfunctioning endocrine system that can cause Cushings Disease, or Hypothyroidism. The trachea is also prone to collapse which causes a partial obstruction of the airway and a distressing coughing sound.

The Pomeranians life expectancy is 12-15 years

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24/07/2014 Best Home Tranied White Pomeranian Puppy -She is one of our''Platinum'' pups meaning the best of the best!She has an amazing face beautiful thick coat and will be tiny charting to be 4.5-5 lbs full grown.She is microchip,vet check,registered.... Brisbane 12
3/07/2014 Top Quality Pomeranian Girl -She is registered with an enhanced 5 generation pedigree certificate .She loving gentle girl.Both parents are treasured family pets .confident,well socialized little bundle of fun and first to see wi... parks 169
20/06/2014 Little Prettiest White Pomeranian Puppy Girl- 12 weeks old. -Her name is Lilly and she is 12 months old. She's is very kind, obedient and charming Pom. She's doing well on potty training and other training, she can high five,hand shake, roll, sit, walk on her f... Gymea Bay 356
9/05/2014 Pomeranian puppies for sale -Dogs and bitches available heavy quality coats.Mum is here to meet you she is a much loved family member with an excellent hip score 8/8 she is also a wonderful burglar deterrent!!!
Dad is availa...
sydney 852
28/04/2014 Ivory White Pomeranian Puppy with outstanding personality- 12 weeks old. -Lillian is an absolute sweetheart and she's barely 12 weeks old and a pretty female puppy. She is an ivory white, baby faced with a nice cobby body and a gorgeous Lstop to her muzzle. Lil has been rai... Sydney 537