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Questions & Answers


Pug Dogs for sale

The Pug is an affectionate fun loving little dog that is gentle with children, and craves human company. They are responsive to family activity and love to join in with all that’s going on. The Pug can be stubborn, but they are also endearing and comical. They are irresistibly cute companions.

The Pug is 10-14 inches in height and weighs 6-9 kgs. It is the largest of the toy breeds. This dog has a short coat and comes in a range of colours, black, silver, apricot and fawn –there are also occasionally white pugs that are likely to have more health issues. Grooming required is minimal, although they relish the attention, and would welcome a daily brush even though once or twice a week would be quite adequate. Facial and body creases need careful attention and regular cleaning.

The Pug characteristically has a tightly curled tail and protruding eyes that can easily be injured.

This little dog is suited to apartment dwelling and do not require much exercise other than a short daily walk. They do not adjust well to temperature extremes

It is common for the Pug to have breathing problems and experience ‘reverse sneezing’. Breathing problems can be exacerbated if the dog is obese. Obesity can also cause heart disease and result in premature death. The Pug is also predisposed to inflammation of the brain and meninges, which usually proves fatal. Hemivertebrae is another serious condition that is caused when the vertebrae do not fuse properly, causing pressure on the spine and acute pain. Hip Dysplasia is common with the Pug.

Pugs frequently have to be delivered by caesarean section. Their life expectancy is 10-12 years.

The Pug originated from China over a thousand years ago, and has been popular with royalty.

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26/07/2014 ***Quality Reg Black Pug Puppies For Stud*** -Black smooth coat pug puppies male and female, fully vaccinated, wormed to date and micro chipped. Lovely little girl, fully healthy, great with other dogs and children,looking forward to their new h... Melbourne 34
25/07/2014 Beautiful fawn pug puppies for sale $400 -Miko is an adorable tan jug,
3/4 pug puppy. He has a thin white stripe under
his neck. Such a sweet disposition! Miko has
been in our home since birth and is very well
socialized with ...
Brisbane 76
18/07/2014 darker tan jug, 3/4 pug puppy -Logan is an adorable darker tan jug, 3/4 pug puppy. Such a sweet disposition! Logan has been in our home since birth and is very well socialized with children. He will come with a care package (puppy ... Guildford 102
16/07/2014 Black Pug Pups Ready Now To Go Home! -I have 2 amazing fawn pug puppies available to an approved home's only.They super sweet , mushy and so lovable. My babies are pre-spoiled and just so amazing . They have no health problems at all. My... Baulkham Hills 155
13/07/2014 Fawn Pug Boy and Girl Puppies are Available - This gorgeous girl loves her cuddles and kisses! She has an excellent temperament and is absolutely stunning!vet check,reg cert, 5 generation pedigree, diet & worming program, micro chipped, free... Perth 102
13/07/2014 Gorgeous Black Pug Puppies -Stunning pug puppies is available i have 2 black and a stunning little bitch puppies will come with reg 5 generation pedigree. both vaccinations,microchip health check and 4 weeks Insurance-,puppie... melbourne 136
10/07/2014 double coat Registered age-appropriate vaccinations pug -
please put your email address inside the body of your message...orleansjessica gmail com...she is a short-legged, short-nosed, stout little
girl. She has a double coat that is soft and
500 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124 727
24/06/2014 Wonderful fawn pug puppies for sale -Shilo is a precious little baby girl. She is so
sweet and cuddly, just you wait and see! She loves
to cuddle under your chin for a nap. This
gorgeous girl will steal your heart the moment ...
Adelaide 138
17/06/2014 Beautiful Black Pug Puppies - Stunning Little Boy and Girl -
My beautiful 3 gorgeous pug babies.One of them have already been paid for, so I only have two beautiful black boy available to find his forever home. registered pug. They are both my family pets...
Perth 236
10/06/2014 Pug Puppies -We are proud to offer two male and one female beautiful purebred fawn pug puppies for sale to forever loving homes. Both parents have the pedigree. Puppies were born on 6th May 2014. They will be rea... Brisbane 364
19/05/2014 pug/jack Russell puppies -Pug/Jack Russell..9 WEEKS OLD..MALES AND FEMALES..VET CHECKED, VACCINATED, MICROCHIPPED AND WORMED..INTERESTED BUYERS ONLY..NOWRA NSW.. $650..0410 657749..Ring or txt... Nowra N/A 261