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Questions & Answers


Westies for sale

This little dog with a big attitude is commonly referred to as a Westie. This pup is friendly and full of bounce, it just loves to be with the family. They can be stubborn and independent at times with an unwillingness to conform. Early obedience classes with positive encouragement will be the most effective form of training, which can be a challenge, but always rewarding.

Westies are small white terriers that weigh approx 6-8.5kgs, and have a height of around 25-28cms. They have a 2 layer coat which is comprised of a thick under coat and the outer coat is rough. The coat requires regular grooming. They are only minimal shedders

This high spirited little dog will need a daily walk, and a back yard that it will undoubtedly want to dig in. They are single minded and unstoppable if they are on the trail of some scent.

Unfortunately this breed is prone to skin allergies, and shampooing needs to be kept to a minimum using a hypoallergenic shampoo. Mandibular Osteopathy (abnormal growth of the jaw bone) is a disease that can be troublesome with the Westie – it has degrees of severity and euthanasia is indicated in extreme cases. This condition usually manifests in puppies of 3-6 mths with symptoms of severe pain when the head is touched and a reluctance to eat, the symptoms typically subside as the dog matures. The condition is treated by analgesics and steroid therapy.

Litters are typically small – between 2-5 puppies, and demand for these dogs is high. Their life Expectancy is 12-16 years.

The Westie originates from Scotland

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